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Англ.язык 3 кл Несвит. Уроки

Англ.язык 3 кл Несвит. Уроки

Отрывок из поурочных планов по англ.языку:

5.   Ask and answer the questions (p. 133, ex. 4)
Ask pupils to read the texts again.
Every group reads their questions and gives the answers about the children from exercise 3.
Monitor the activity and help where necessary.
If necessary, translate the questions and answers into their own language.
6.   Project work. Make a poster about your dream holidays. Draw pictures or stick photos (p. 133, ex. 4).
Divide the class into three or four groups. Ask pupils in different groups to make posters about their dream holidays.
Ask pupils to read the text and complete it with suitable words and word combinations.
Then ask pupils to draw pictures or stick photos which pupils have brought. Go round helping.
Monitor the activity and help where necessary.
Spelling Shark Fame
This is a version of the traditional "Hangman" game. Briefly explain the rules to the class. You can play the game to revise the vocabulary of the lesson. Think of any word, e.g., "lunch". Don't say it out loud. Draw a "cliff" line down from the end of the bottom row. At the bottom of the "cliff" draw a shark and the sea. Draw two dashes for the letters in a sport activity.
Pupils take turns to guess one letter in the sport activity. If that letter is in the word, write it in the appropriate blank in the top row. If it is not in the word, draw a little "stick figure" starting to walk along the bottom row of blanks towards the edge of the cliff. Pupils have to guess all the letters correctly before the stick figure falls over the cliff and into the shark's jaws.


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