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Учебник по английскому языку 2 кл Ростоцкая

Учебник по английскому языку 2 кл Ростоцкая

Название: Английский язык. Учебник для 2 класса
Авторы: Ростоцкая М.Е.
Страниц: 160
Формат: pdf 
Издательство: Астон
Год издания: 2012 

Отрывок из учебника по английскому языку для 2 класса, автор Ростоцкая:
There is a computer in the classroom, There is a pot plant on the floor, There is a clock, a map, a bookshelf And a funny poster on the wall.
There are 5 desks, there are 10 chairs, There are 2 windows in the class There are CDs and 7 markers, There is Miss Wills who teaches us.
Jim: Hello, Ann.
Bill: Nice to meet you.
My name is Bill. Ann: Hello! Jane: Oh, Ann, you've got
a big bag! Ann: Yes, I've got many school
things in it. Jane: Is there a pencil-case
in your bag? Sam: Yes, there is. Jim: Is there a doll in your bag? Sam: No, there is not.
Miss Wills: Look! I've got a red box.
Guess what is in the box. Jane: Are there markers in the box? Miss Wills: Yes, there are. Jim: Are there books in the box? Mill Wills: No, there are not. Bill: Are there CDs in the box? Miss Wills: Well done, Bill.
There are 3 CDs in the box.
Look at Ted with a happy face. He has got a red pencil-case, He has got a big brown bag ... What is there, my dear friend Ted?
I Are there books in your
big brown bag? Are there pens in your
red pencil-case? Are there pencils and markers, Ted? Are there stickers with
cool school things?
- say "There is ..." / "There are..."
- ask "Is there ...? / Are there ...?
- answer
"Yes, there is. / No, there is not." 
"Yes, there are. / No, there are not."
- tell about your classroom
- say what you can do
- ask "Can you ...?"
- answer "Yes, I can. / No, I cannot."
- invite to do things "Let us ..."
- write words
- read texts

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