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Учебник по английскому языку 4 кл Карпюк

Учебник по английскому языку 4 кл Карпюк

Название: Английский язык. Учебник для 4 класса 
Авторы: Карпюк О.Д.
Страниц: 163
Формат: pdf 
Издательство: Навчальна книга
Год издания: 2010
Отрывок из учебника по английскому языку для 4 класса, автор Карпюк:
This is Taras Petrenko. He is Ukrainian. Taras lives in Kyi v. His hobby is computer games. He likes playing football, too. Taras goes to school and his favourite
lesson is English. Ukrainian schoolchildren listen, read, write and speak English at their English lessonsJThey learn new words, sing songs and play games, too. Taras is Bill's penfriend. In his letters he tells about his family, friends and country. Bill knows that his penfrienci's favourite meal is a plate of Ukrainian borsch. He knows that Ukrainians like to play a vertep show at Christmas. They sing koiiadas -Ukrainian carols - at this day. Bill has got a present from Taras - some Ukrainian Easter eggs called pysankas. The penfriends have got an idea to meet in England. Taras wants to see the country where his penfriend lives.  
2, Read, choose and copy Mo two columns books.
1 in your exercise
His favourite sport is cricket-He speaks Ukrainian. He goes to the football club. / He has got many computer games at home. He eats hot cross buns at Easter. He has got a present from Ukraine. Maths is his favourite lesson. He acts as a king in a Christmas vertep showy He likes borsch for dinner.. He helps his grandpa with gardening. He helps his grandpa on the farm. He doesn't know Ukrainian. Jt is summer now. Kate and Bill don't go to school in summer. They have summer holidays. On weekdays Mrs Brown gets up early in the morning. She does the cooking for her family. At 8 o'clock the Browns sit down to table and have breakfast. Then Mr and Mrs Brown say goodbye to their children and go to work. Here comes Tom. "Where is Mum?" he asks. He is always late to say Mum goodbye. Kate gives Tommy breakfast and then does the washing-up. Bill tidies up the room and then sweeps the floor in the kitchen. Tom makes his bed and feeds the pet. It is a funny parrot. It's name is Carl. Kate waters the plants. Sometimes she asks BiU to tfo the shopping.
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